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11 years 1 month ago #15822 by AR_convert

GSPT wrote: I've just revisted the Atom and it's six minutes faster over my usual 8km time trial, compared to an Oceanbuilt. Just got to hang in there in the surf. Gary Butlion says it will reward me. May paddle it in the Aussie marathon titles in two weeks on the Swan River.

Would be great to see you here in the Atom Greg, I briefly flirted with the idea of switching to an Atom for the National titles but am sticking with the Flash for now. The Atom is seriously fast, especially in the all important start of a marathon race where making a bunch or not making a bunch can drastically alter your race result. We have just finished our 2 days of State titles today with some glorious weather, hopefully we can repeat it in 2 weeks for you and the rest of the visitors.

Just a foot note for those Australians who would like to have a go at a National Championships, there is no prequalification, much as how Ocean ski racing is, you can turn up and be in contention for the title alongside the best in the land. Mere mortals like me are just aiming to do well in our agegroup and the agegroup bands are 5 years apart (if there are sufficient in a class) so would be good to see some more interstate visitors over Easter. I'm sure if you need a ski the dealers over here could arrange it. I personally know the Think, Fenn and Carbonology dealers locally.

Always looking for the next boat :)

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11 years 1 month ago #15823 by GSPT
Thanks, AR. Maybe there, but training for Aust Masters surf titles, which interferes with marathon. And I'm not a visitor: I live in Perth. Just that I work on weekends. Hope the weekend went well.

Greg Smith
Level 2 PT and surf coach
Paddling Technician
S.Africa marathon 79, 81, 83

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11 years 1 week ago #16249 by fredrik
AR-C: did you have an opportunity to test the Glide and the V14?

I have had the SL right now but it sounds attractive to trade it in for a Glide, which is supposed to be "better at everything". Or maybe the Flash if the Flash/Glide speed are comparable when paddling in the 11.5-13.0 kph range.

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