About Surfski.info


When Alain Jaques started paddling surfskis in November 2005, he went to the Internet to find out about equipment and how to get started.  He found almost no information - so he bought the surfski.info domain and started the site...  

At the time Rob Mousley had just posted a story about paddling on the Yahoo Surfski newsgroup and Al asked him if he could use the piece on the site.  Rob responded with a dozen articles... and Surfski.info was born.

In 2007, Surfski.info broke new ground - providing live commentary for the Molokai Challenge, using skype to call spotters on the escort boats to give up to the minute news of the race.  The following year, we combined the live commentary with GPS Tracking units in Durban, making it possible for spectators to follow the race in real-time.

Since then, live commentary has become a de-facto part of the bigger international races.  


Surfski.info aims to:

  • Make surfski information centralised and accessible
  • Build an online community of surfski enthusiasts
  • Welcome and guide newcomers to the sport
  • Provide useful and credible content
  • Have fun
  • Paddle a lot