Epic V8 for V10sport

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Replied by kwolfe on topic Epic V8 for V10sport
I wanted to give this a quick bump. I'm not really brand specific, but would like to get into a more advanced ski.

I was out on the lake this morning doing a short 3 miler. On this smaller lake, I do intervals to a buoy about .5 miles away; sprint down and easy back. By the end, I was tired and still pushing and at no point did I feel tippy on the ski. I had it on a larger lake with some 2ft (and occasional 3ft) wind swell and was totally stable. Yes, it was windy that morning.

I love the V8, but would like something faster with a narrower hull at the catch. I find myself wanting and able to plant the paddle closer to the boat but I can't due to its measurements. Still fun, but I feel like I could get more out of a more advanced ski.

Also, some updated pics.


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