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7 years 3 days ago #29221 by grasshopper
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Hi zachhandler, sounds like your ideal solution would be to get the cockpit on the new V12 modified to suit?

Although I know I'd struggle to do this on a near new ski due to the likely loss of resale value on a modified ski.

Another option would be to buy a second hand Fenn Elite and modify it, hull should be much the same as the Elite S and you should be able to get a second hand one at a reasonable price.

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6 years 11 months ago #29273 by davgdavg
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hamishglen wrote: Can anyone comment on the bucket size of the new V12?
I hope they have made this a bit, no, a lot more 'snug' than the remainder of the fleet.
I moved my V10 on for this reason, and replaced with Elite S - however this was my only complaint on the V10, other than the inflated price.
Even with a Kani seat and back pad to stop me sliding about, I never felt 'connected' in the V10 like I do in both the Fenn Glide and Elite S.
(For reference - 78kg, 180cm)

If the bucket is tighter, I'd be super keen to paddle the V12.
If not, not.

Horses for courses. I hope they leave it the same. The Fenn buckets are way to small for bigger guys (like me). You can always pad a ski, you can't make it wider... :)

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6 years 11 months ago #29312 by photofr
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V5, V7, V8, V8 Pro, V10 Sport, V10L, V10, V12, and to a certain extend the V14 all have one thing in common:

It's pretty much 9 out of 9 skis that have a bucket that's considered too wide for smaller paddlers. Sure we can pad the skis, but who really wants to pad a ski? Not me - I am just too old to know that padding a ski isn't really that much fun.

Why not make 2 or 3 skis (out of 9) with a smaller bucket size?
The V10L - should have had a much smaller bucket. It didn't. In fact, it was placed too far back for lighter paddlers.

I feel that the new V12M should (at least) consider going with a smaller bucket. Better yet, the new V12M should come with two bucket sizes: smaller paddlers and larger paddlers - but perhaps that's just me dreaming.

(Brittany, France)

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