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G 'Day,

Open The Mind with new Tec, Guys & Gals of any age carry a ski under one arm why? you need long arms with todays Skis that went out with the low to the water spec Ski ? I do like that carry or I did and I am 6'3" with long of arm? most ski's I have had go on a shoulder anyway till I went for A 26 lb. NELO Ski. with side grab handles, then Carbonalogy Skis from South Africa both come with grab handles at the balance point and front of cockpit so as easy carry out of the water and easy to re mount + mount on the shoulder. This is a great time to buy from South Africa with the Zar were it be today + they have Ski's for any paddler af any talent there is for a lot less money than some today. With some of the best in the world there in South Africa I feel they have the time in and know how to make a ski for any talent today ""if the talent knows what they want"". Remember Fenn Ski's have over the years won more world class races than any other Surf Ski Made yesterday or today. we all must remember This my friends A Fact the past 15/18 something years. ""good drivers make any Ski fast at sea not the other way around. "" worlds to live by a surf ski will always belong at sea not in a swamp. It would be like training a good bird dog and set her out on a Hog Hunt Ugg!

Cheers Joseph


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