New Eppic V14 swop for Vajda Hawx

9 years 7 months ago #20242 by AntonH
I have a brand new Eppic V14 Ultra (impulsive buy!) which is giving me dead leg (i am particularly prone to this). I have read reviews about the Vajda Hawx indicating a particularly comfortable seat. None available in South Africa so first prize for me would be a swop of the Eppic with a Hawx. It seems a new V14 Ultra goes for about $4,700 (AUD) in Australia. Plan B for me would be to sell my V14 and buy a Hawx. I'm guessing packaging and transport would be about 1,000 AUD and would be happy to sell for $ 3,600 (AUD). Can arrange for independent dealer verification of condition of ski.

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9 years 7 months ago #20276 by jocuba
2 very, very different boats surely.

Not sure there will be any Hawx owners looking to move to a V14.
V14 being extremely high spec-high performance &, generally, utilised by serious/highly conditioned paddlers.

Whilst Hawx is less so & more often the choice of recreational racers who enjoy an elite ski that is superbly constructed, reasonable, comfortable & relatively 'forgiving'. I mean - what is there not to like about a Vajda ski? & yet to hear about a dissatisfied Vajda ski owner.
In my opinion, & as an owner of a Hawx, its pretty much the best recreational racing ski I've ever experienced; having owned several other major brands. For some reason - doesn't seem to get the recognition it warrants. Kind of like 'the best kept secret'. Obviously - horses for courses though.

Not clear whether you're in Oz or SA? Reckon your best bet is to flog the V14 & approach a dealer (if in Oz) or Vajda directly (if in SA) for new or demo boat. You might be surprised at what you can get. Vajda would love to get their skis into SA but not a priority target market for obvious reasons.

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