v12, Uno, Fenn Elite, SES SEL and SE

11 years 8 months ago #10562 by mckengmsurfski

thebigadski wrote: quote: "it creates a good paddling position of being 'raised over your feet' and naturally leaning slightly forward"

mmmmmmm.......all the THINK boats already have a seat like this!!

Try our beautiful beast the Uno max and see for yourself!!

I think you would find this true of the Nelo Ocean Skis as well. My Nelo Ocean Vintage Ski has a great paddling position right out of the box and I've found I'm faster in it in most conditions compared to my previous ski (a V12 Ultra). I suspect this is b/c of the paddling position the Nelo places you in without any adjustments. It does take some getting used to in conditions though as it lacks somewhat in secondary stability. For me, the ski is way more comfortable than any other ski that I've tried, including the V10, V12, Fenn Elite, Red7, and Synergy. I'd say that they're worth putting on the list with the Uno/Uno Max if you're looking for something with a more K1 like paddling position in a ski.

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