Blufin and v10s

6 years 8 months ago #29385 by moosterbounce
Hi folks. A little while ago I posted about a lack of confidence in my v10s after a pretty mean shoulder injury and 2 years of rehab. I was persevering until January this year when a new puppy put a stop to my early morning paddles (in a good way :) ). Anyway, I found that I would only paddle in dead flat conditions when I was pretty confident no other river traffic was about. As I said, it's a lack of confidence - I'm concerned about falling out and swimming etc...something I need to work on I know, and completely irrational considering I paddle in a river where I could probably walk to the edge if i fell in!!

Anyway...To get my confidence back, I've pretty much decided i need a different boat for a bit. I've got a "lightweight" PRS but due to restricted movement and strength, I can't get it on the car so although I was super confident in that, it's of no use to me now. I've been looking around and am going to see a blufin on the weekend. It's the carbon layup which I need to be able to lift it.

Worth noting that I am not a lightweight myself and a lack of fitness has made me gain a few 20 since my accident (not proud but it is what it is). I am quite "wide" and carry most weight in my hips and thighs.

I'm not sure if I can test it out at this stage so could anyone give me an idea of stability compared to the gen2 v10s? I know the specs and it should suit but I've only tried Epic skis in the past so know nothing about Fenn except what you lot tell me :) Reckon it would suit given my needs and limitations?

I'm not planning to get rid of the v10s as I think it will be fine for me in a year or two and would then probably be my only boat. Surprisingly, I can paddle fine once I build up the muscle stamina and it seems to help keep the joint loose.

Thanks in advance.

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6 years 8 months ago #29387 by Hacker Mike
Replied by Hacker Mike on topic Blufin and v10s
From my experience, the Bluefin will be a lot more stable. It has a wide bucket, is easy to remount, so I think that it will be a good option for you.

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6 years 8 months ago #29391 by Atlas
Replied by Atlas on topic Blufin and v10s
I can't see how you could go wrong with a Bluefin. I upgraded to a Bluefin from a PRS a couple of years ago. It took months to wipe the smile off my face. The only thing the PRS does better than the Bluefin is bounce off rocks. The Bluefin is much more stable than the PRS. It's also really easy to remount. I find it very comfortable (although we're all different) and it is faster than many people expect.
I find the V10s 2G to be less comfortable and noticeably tippier than the Bluefin. However they are really nicely finished and many paddlers love them.

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