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Analyse my stroke

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12 years 9 months ago #7946 by AR_convert
Replied by AR_convert on topic Re: Analyse my stroke
Went out and put everything into practise today...well almost everything ;)

As RAB said, if you paddle hard it comes a lot more natural, I realised that when I sprint I naturally lean forward and look for that early entry, obviously I had forgotten that when paddling economically.

Today I leaned forward and got the paddle in well ahead of my feet, had blade completely buried as blade passed my toes. Once I had this sorted I focussed on straightening (or driving/punching) the top arm forward once the paddle was in the water using that lever effect mentioned.

I could really feel it in my traps and lats... and later in my hamstrings from leaning further forward with a straight back.

The only thing I couldn't really claim to be doing was using leg drive, when I did try to use leg drive I lost stroke technique.

It has been my experience that leg drive comes in once you are not having to think about all the other facets of the stroke.

Also helps to be doing this sort of technique training on flat water...had a 1 ft cross chop to contend with today.

Will report back once I think I am back to the not thinking too much about it stage and see what improvement there is.

And off topic....KIWIAL, what double is that you are in on your profile pic? Thinking of adding a double to the stable to train with my 12 y/o.

Always looking for the next boat :)

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12 years 9 months ago #7950 by kiwial
Replied by kiwial on topic Re: Analyse my stroke
THat double is the Carbonology Viva, an absolute dream of a double. That is my 11 year old daughter in back and she loves heading down wind with me!!

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