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Stability, Sore Hip Flexors, ReMounting, Leg Drive

11 years 2 months ago #15780 by TheGoose
Hello fellow paddlers, I trust that this finds you all well.

I have not posted here for some time, since I have had nothing positive to report.

I have a V10S in Ultra Lay up.

Have been trying to paddle for about a year now.

Had all of the issues listed above and would like to try help fellow "Starters" to the sport, if I can.

Firstly, the D.V.D's and Books that are available, seem to suit folk who just get in and paddle.

I took advice from several members here and can safely say, that the combined imput from fellow paddlers here and a determination to get it right, is what has helped me thus far.

Firstly, stability greatly improves if you are confident in being able to remount...so I only deep water mount, chuck the Ski in the drink in 6m of water and have to "Remount"...took a while before I got to paddle to be sure.

But having the confidence to remount somehow gave the Ski the added stability I bought it for in the first place.

Shortening the Paddle, tip from RAB helped tremendously.

All the avdvice I got re sore hip flexors was solved by doing excersises given on this forum and the purchase of a "Swiss Ball" also helped.

I was told to ignore Leg Drive, best advice given ever...since I did not know how to stay in the Ski in the first place or how to make a decent forward stroke, Leg Drive was just plain useless information at the time...

If in doubt Legs Out..helped me overcome falling off whilst turning with cross swell or wakes...

I am now happy to report that I paddled four times this week, all around the 50 min mark, in wind up to 20 kts ableit in a bay with no large swells but chop, and have not fallen off...now that is something I am really chuffed about.

Earlier I was at a stage where I thought making a "Dive Site" with the Epic V10S was an option.

This has been long and drawn out, but I hope it will give fellow beginers the motivation to keep at it and I hope too that this some how thanks all of you you have helped me thus far.

Watching Rob remount the double after using "Construction Language" is always a great motivation....

Take care out there and be safe always....

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11 years 2 months ago #15782 by CyberSki
Interesting post - I should adapt your level of persistence!

Regarding the "no leg drive" - I fall into that practice if I am in conditions too scary :unsure: but otherwise use legs alot now. If you have gotten to the point you can paddle in those choppy conditions, why not add leg drive to your stroke? It might help your rotation..

As to "shorten your paddle" - that is a very good point, and one I wish I knew the answer to. How short is long enough or how long is too short? :huh: Duh....is there a way to know (besides not being able to reach the water) when you have the paddle too short? Does it have anything to do with how much you have to lean/reach to bury it when you plant the blade?

Thanks for your post - I will now try harder!! :)

Fenn Swordfish and Epic Midwing.

Past skis include Stellar SR and SEL, KC Zeplin, Think EVO, and in-between version of Epic V8 Ultra. Jantex Gamma is my sword of pain..though my elbow may force me to a smaller blade now. :-(
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11 years 2 months ago #15789 by Ric
On shortening the paddle...

I took 5cm off mine (210 down to 205), and it feels great at 206.

Down at 205 something just gets uncomfortable again... so I guess its about finding your sweet spot.

I recommend ppl to try this - anyone ask me if you want to try a 205 at Fish Hoek (altho its a pretty big Fenn4 blade at that).
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