V12 - Anchor point for leash

12 years 9 months ago #7051 by dplouepic
In december 2008 i gave some drawings to the Epic french importer when he went to visit the Epic factory in China. The goal was to ask a strong attachment point at the bow of the ski. Many times i've sent pictures of my sliding leash system to Epic but the skis remain the same.When i saw for the first time the V8 I was so happy to see a handle at the bow. With such attachement point you can, in less than five minutes install the sliding leash on the V8. It will be so easy to make that waterproof hole at the bow of V 10 and V 12 at the factory!!! The swedish manufacturers seem to be on the good way. I've exchanged some mails with Magnus de Brito as i can prove the Magpaul isn't yet the best solution (even if it's safer than attachment to the footplate).You have probably seen the pictures of my successful sliding leash on my blog. it should be the standard system for any surfski in the world. As long as the leash is fastened in the middle of the ski you are in danger. Our skis are so expensive and i can't imagine landing in the surf zone unleashed. Firstly because i do not want to see my ski rolling ashore on gravels or rocks and secondly because i don't want to injure any surfer, bodyboarder or swimmer.With a sliding leash whick keeps the bow facing the waves the pull on you leg is moderate and you keep you ski at hand.Another good reason is at my favorite beach in Bretagne the rip currents are so strong that it is very difficult to swim ashore if you loose contact with your ski . Please leave a post if you need more explanations but first check carefully the pics of my blog. Making a sliding leash is very easy, mine is almost invisible but you can make it with any kind of thin rope. my leash on my V 10 Sport slides on a 5mm rope. Here is my blog adress dplouepic.skyrock.com and the pics of the sliding leash retro fitted to my V 10 Elite can be seen in articles of september 2010.Thank you to read my poor english.

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12 years 4 months ago #8281 by marcolivert
Hi Didier,

I'm Marc, currently living in Australia.
I have seen your leash system, it looks interesting.
Did you already tried it in big shorebreak ? Here in Australia we have big ones with massive power ! And we need to unleash not to break your leg, the bad thing is that if you fall then the ski
might get broken when rolling towards the beach!



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12 years 4 months ago #8283 by dplouepic
Hi Marc
No, i haven't tried my leash sliding to the bow on a central deckline in really heavy surf. however i feel safer when landing on a beach with my system, i'm sure that the ski will turn its nose to the wave and the pull on my leg will be moderate.
i hope the death of this surfskier on lake Mille lacs will decide any manufacturers to seriously rethink the attachement point of the leash.i can't understand why Epic and others brands do not fit the skis with that strong attachement point at the bow.is it so much time consumming to make? is it so expensive?
Our skis are too expensive and i always prefer to start from a harbor than a beach. surfskis are designed to surf in open ocean and there are too much risk to break them during the last surf when landing at a beach. in Australia you haven't the choice, and paddling the surf zone is part of your culture. Australian surfski paddlers are so numerous that you probably will have more success making pressure on the manufacturers to have my sliding leash system properly factory fitted when you purchase a ski.I can help them to developp the best solution but they avoid the subject. A sliding leash system kit could be sold. actually most leashes have a weak point and we can imagine that this american paddler died because 10 cm of Velcro were lacking to his leash. with the leash fastened in the cockpit yes the pull is huge and the solution is a strong velcro attachement around the ankle+the leash sliding to the bow,what else?
i think using a stronger rope for the front central deckline will not make the system stronger. the deckfittings too have to be strongly glassed.i'm sure that there is no reason to make it stronger as the ski turn and face the wave immediately.
Right now you have to modify your ski.

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