Which Ski for XXL Beginner??

14 years 2 weeks ago #4462 by Nicho03
Since posting to the thread I have been contacted by the manufacturer of the Synergy who states that he has been misquoted and did not infer that 1.5 yrs was acceptable at any time. With this I want to make it clear that he never actually said this and it wasn't intended as a quote but merely my own inference. Some of his companies skis have been in competition for more than 10 years and this is an isolated incident. Which is most obviously apparent by the fact that he is still in business and his skis are sold all over the world by some very capable paddlers.He also stated that he is very busy at the moment with business and racing commitments and I had not given he enough time to look into the whole matter. Having said this I can't deny that the ski was very stable to paddle and also offers a large cockpit for the larger paddler. Sometimes too large if you are swamped and have to get going to drain it all out. Quite difficult to remount with it's deep seat and low foot plate but these must be a trade off to have the stability I surmise.

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