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Monday, 05 March 2007 14:18 | Written by 
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ImageHarvie Allison sent us some more pics of Aussie lifesavers playing in 6ft waves - at the NSW Titles...

Some cool shots.  (Harv uses a Canon 30d & 600mm f4.0)



Here's a contender getting eaten on the way in...

Hmm... what's that happening behind me? (Photo: Harvie Allison)

I wonder what's going to happen now? (Photo: Harvie Allison)

Now you see him, now you don't... (Photo: Harvie Allison)

And a couple of shots of guys punching through waves on the way out.

Text book stuff - paddle at an angle... (Photo: Harvie Allison)

Punch thru! (Photo: Harvie Allison)

Thanks to Harvie for the shots.  His web site is at Harvie Allison Photography



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