Fenn SURGE - first sighting in the wild!

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Fenn SURGE Fenn SURGE Credits: Rob Mousley/Surfski.info

In what may be a world first...  we bring you photographs of the latest Fenn surfski - the Fenn SURGE. The boat was delivered to Cape Town today; local paddler Mark Keeling was the recipient and took delivery at Fish Hoek this evening.  Surfski.info was there to capture some images...

Vital Statistics

Length = 582 cm
Width = 42.5 cm
Seat width = 37.75 cm ( The Fenn ELITE Sis 38.50 cm)

Layups and weights

Carbon Vacuum +- 10 kg
Carbon Hybrid +- 11 kg

First Impressions

It feels light!  Ok, so we knew that - this is a Full Carbon Vacuum bag layup, so it should weigh about 10kg.

It feels small.  The nose looks much smaller and lower profile even than the Elite S.  The old Fenn Elite's nose looks massive in comparison.

I didn't get to paddle it; in fact Mark was champing at the bit to get on the water - but I did sit in it briefly and it's a very tight squeeze for me (at 77kg currently).  Mark is 1.83m tall, and weighs in at 76kg, so it'll be interesting to hear how he found the boat on the water (he headed out for a training paddle and I'll only get to speak to him tomorrow).  The cockpit is deep.  A snug fit all round.  

Fenn SURGE Side View

Fenn SURGE 1934


Fenn SURGE 1933


The cockpit fittings are vintage Fenn: the rudder cables are positioned using movable crimps which are tightened with a small Allen key.  The footplate is solid and uses the same fastenings that Fenn has used for years.  The quality of the finish is excellent.

The rudder is the standard de-powered semi-elliptical shape.  (On my Swordfish S, I found it quite soft and have replaced it with a full elliptical rudder made by Orka.)

Fenn SURGE 1924

The nose and foredeck have a distinctive shape that makes the ski instantly recognisable.

Fenn SURGE Nose

But the proof of the pudding... is in the racing.  Mark Keeling will be racing the boat for the first time in our Seadog Race tomorrow evening.  The forecast is for flat conditions... We'll interview him after the race to get his impressions of the new boat.

Fenn SURGE Mark Keeling

Happy paddling!

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