Jasper Mocke wins West Coast Downwinder

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Jasper Mocke sprints to the finish at the 2015 West Coast Downwinder in Perth, Australia Jasper Mocke sprints to the finish at the 2015 West Coast Downwinder in Perth, Australia Credits: West Coast Downwinder

The West Coast Downwinder was run and won over the weekend and despite lackluster downwind conditions it turned out to be a great afternoon for all involved. The event lived up to the pre-race hype and paddlers were greeted with calm, hot, flat, grind conditions for the 17-kilometer event. Over 100 paddlers took to the start line and a blistering pace was set early on. 

4:20 pace

Top competitors held under 4:20 pace the whole way sharing leads down the course from Swanbourne to Sorrento. It was a tight battle up front, with a pack of twenty belting out from the start. This was quickly dwindled to eight after three kilometers: Cory Hill, Jasper Mocke, Dawid Mocke, Michael Booth, Mark Anderson, Daniel Humble, Michael Baker and Reece Baker. 

Inside v Outside Line

At 5 kilometers, Dawid broke off the group to head closer to shore with the other 5 choosing to stay out wide, approximately 200 meters from the beach. Near Scarborough Michael Baker dropped off the pack after leading the train early on.

Down to 4

Cory Hill and Jasper Mocke looked the most comfortable and really pushed the pace the whole way. Michael Booth fell off the group with about 2.5 kilometers to go after forcing his way back on the train multiple times.  Soon after, Reece Baker also lost the lead group and it was a race of two, with 1.5 kilometers to go.

Cory Hill and Jasper Mocke sprint for the finish

Jasper Mocke holds off Cory Hill in the hot, flat conditions

Final Tussle

Cory looked to break Jasper 1km out but Jasper fought back to take the win by a nail-biting three seconds. Michael Booth and Dawid Mocke snuck around Reece in the dying stages with the heat and conditions really getting to him. Michael Baker finished in a strong 6th place, closely followed by Brendan Sarson and Mark Anderson.

First Win of the Year

For Jasper it was his first race win of the calendar year and at the presentation he was excited to get the monkey off the back.

“It was great to win this event,” said Mocke, “Especially with in-form guys like Cory Hill and Michael Booth racing, it makes it that bit more special”.

“I felt really comfortable out there,” said Current Ocean Racing World Champion Cory Hill, “And despite not winning I am feeling good for the doctor next week. Let’s hope the forecast wind comes through! It’s looking awesome!”

Michael Booth, who snuck a third in the dying stages despite Reece and Dawid being hot on his heels commented, “I was happy to hang on for as long as I did. It was super hot and flat out there. I haven't had a great preparation for this event so I’m stoked to steal third from Reece in the dying stages”. 

Over 40s

In the hotly contested over 40s Greg Long took the win, ahead of Michael Dobler and Justin Farrelly.

In the Junior Geriatrics Dean Gardiner scraped over the line in first, ahead of Shaun Rice and Robert Jenkinson. In the super masters (60’s) it was global travel sensation Muz Latham, ahead of Norm Miller and Robert Hodge. 

Women’s Race

In the women's race it was a battle between New Zealand’s Rachel Clarke and South Africa's Michelle Burn. Burn and Clark went off together early on but at the 10km mark Rachel broke away and went on to take the win. “It was great having a win today,” said Clarke. “Michelle is such a great paddler, so I knew it would be a tough battle. This event is a great lead up to next weekend!”

Rachel Clarke

New Zealander Rachel Clarke powers in to take the Women's Race

Natasha Leaversuch was third across the line only three minutes behind the international stars. In the over 40s Aimee Christie had a win and in the over 50s Julie Jenkinson took the honors.

The next two events are the Sunset Surfski Series this Thursday and The Epic Doctor on Saturday. Wind is looking great for both events!

For full results of the West Coast Downwinder click below http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=57490

For pictures from the event click below https://wanakikamoocow.smugmug.com/Sports/Paddling/Ocean-Paddling/Westcoast-Downwinder-2015/

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