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Jasper Mocke Jasper Mocke Credits: John O'Sullivan

"I didn’t have a specific race plan or line," wrote Jasper Mocke in his post-race report, "but being in front and staying there seemed like a good idea!"  

Clearly it was a good idea and it was enough, in the conditions, to beat a fair selection of the world's top surfski paddlers, including defending champion Tim Jacobs, and fellow South African Hank McGregor.

I asked Jasper how it went:

Congratulations on the Doctor... superb!  And even better that South Africa got 1, 2!!!  The Aussies must have been bleak!
Thanks! They were a bit, but we didn't rub it in their faces like Oscar does............
I'd love to know how it went - I understand that Jeremy Cotter got to the hotspot first, and then I saw a tweet that said that you and Hank went to one side.
Ja Jeremy got the hotspot. I was next to him but didn't go all out, he was looking determined so I wasn't going to waste energy. I wanted to be strong as we turned and tha's exactly what I did. As we rounded the hotspot/marker I got away and basically never looked back. I don't know where everyone was. I could only see hank about 100m behind me the whole way and never saw anyone else. We had to go inside a reef marker. I scouted it quite well so I had a good idea of where I was going which enabled to me chase runs with conviction and not worry about where to go.
What were the conditions like?  Sounded something like a reverse Buffels?  ie someone said it was flat at the start and then the wind arrived about 6km in and there were small runs after that?
Wasn't quite like a reverse. To start with there were small bumps but actually also a lot of boat wash because there was lots of boat traffic around, ferries and all. So you had to make the most of that until the runs built up. Then when the runs came it was great. It was the size that was great to sit on, but hard to paddle over, so patience and focus was key. After we rounded the reef marker it was straight from behind and loads of fun.
Did you and Hank paddle together?  
No, I got away from him at the start. Don't know how far behind he was. Only spotted him a third into the race about 100m behind me most of the way.
What gave you the edge over all those Aussies who were basically paddling in home conditions?!
Well you must remember that the challenging aussies actually don't paddle in perth any more than we do. they're all from Sydney and the Gold Coast so the playing field is relatively even. It was my 5th Doctor so I have some good insight into the conditions. 

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