Oceanpaddler World Rankings - Mocke Brothers Top

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Oceanpaddler World Rankings - Mocke Brothers Top

Two more races down - the Nelo Summer Challenge and the Maar'amu Surfski Race in Tahiti...  Jasper Mocke beat his brother to take the Nelo race and to move into second position on the Oceanpaddler World Rankings.

5 Races to go

The next couple of weeks see 3 races in Europe, followed by the Steelcase Dragon Run in Hong Kong before the Cape Town World Cup wraps the series up on 16 December.

Dawid Mocke appears to have the series in the bag...  but the Grade for a couple of the events are uncertain and if he were to win the Dragon Run and inaugural Aegean Race, Jasper might scrape past his brother...  All eyes on the upcoming events.

Junior Rankings

The race is close for the Junior rankings too - Bill Bain is now within 5 points of leader Michael Booth. 

Nelo Summer Challenge Video

This video was shot by Greg Kitto of White Hot Media who was at the event.



Dean Gardiner

Dean Gardiner won the Maar'amu Surfski Race (Tahiti) in classic downwind conditions

Leader Board

[18 Sep 2012 - Updated with a couple of corrections, notably to Franck Fifils and Joep van Bakel's results...  Fifils is now at #6 in the rankings; Joep van Bakel at #11.]

(Click here for the full rankings)

Rankings after Tahiti 


RankingNameCategoryCountryNelo Summer Challenge, PortugalMara'amu Surf Ski Race, TahitiTOTALAdj points to five races
Series Category A C
Points Interval 3 points 4 points
1 Dawid Mocke Male South Africa 517 (3571) 2570
2 Jasper Mocke Male South Africa 520 (3030) 2548
3 Jeremy Cotter Male Australia (3023) 2530
4 Mark Anderson Male Australia (2449) 2449
5 Gabe Newton Male USA (2323) 2323
6 Franck Fifils Male Guadeloupe 424 (2263) 2263
7 Sean Rice Male South Africa 514 2024
8 Dean Gardiner Vet Australia 505 1990
9 Michael Booth Junior Australia 1975
10 Bill Bain Junior Australia 490 1968
11 Joep Van Bakel Male Netherland 502 1959
12 Bill Barff Vet Tahiti 473 1863
13 Ryan Moffet Male Australia 1833
14 Ruth Highman Female Australia 1768
15 Bruce Taylor Male Australia 1504
16 Cory Hill Male Australia 1480
17 Daniel Vilora Male Spain 475 1439
18 Leopold Tepa Male Tahiti 481 1436
19 Michael Dobler Vet Germany 1414
20 Peter Grantham Vet Australia 1410
21 Rolph Overvliet Vet Holland 1373
22 Nicholas Taylor Master Australia 1369
23 Garth Spencer Male Australia 425 1366
24 Adam Fahey Male Australia 1304
25 Andrew Crothers Male Australia 1302
26 Joe Glickman Master USA 1283
27 Greg Kendrick Vet Australia 1265
28 Mark Hardie Vet Australia 1241
29 Pierre Ferrand Vet Tahiti 1225
30 Rowan Caren Vet Australia 1219
31 Alastair Currie Vet Australia 1181
32 Mat Smith Male Australia 1127
33 Kim Bingham Master Australia 1106
34 Clint Robinson Male Australia 1015
35 Brendon Sarson Male Australia 1014
36 Ben Allen Male Australia 1011
37 Dane Sloss Male Australia 511 1008
38 Simon Van Gysen Male South Africa 1006
39 Hank Mcgregor Male South Africa 1003
40 Ash Nesbit Male Australia 1002
41 Paul Green Male Australia 1002
42 Martin Kenny Vet Australia 997
43 Will Bird Male Australia 997
44 Cade Barnes Male Australia 991
45 Travis England Male Australia 991
46 Dean Beament Vet Australia 989
47 Stuart Reside Male Australia 980
48 Hayden Smith Male Australia / UAE 979
49 Matthew Bouman Male South Africa 979
50 James Duncan Male Australia 978

The Races

So far there are 17 races in the World Series.  Here they are, complete with dates and links to the event websites and the results so far.

14-Jan-12 Fenn Cup Sydney, Australia C Jeremy Cotter (Aus) http://tinyurl.com/6u9ksdq
15-Jan-12 The Duel Mandurah, WA, Australia C Jasper Mocke (SA) http://tinyurl.com/7n7xubm
21-Jan-12 The Doctor Perth, WA, Australia A Tim Jacobs (Aus) http://tinyurl.com/6mv9mpy
31-Mar-12 King of the Harbor Auckland, New Zealand D Jeremy Cotter (Aus) http://tinyurl.com/ceeo96n
21-Apr-12 Defis Kayak Guadeloupe A Dawid Mocke (SA) http://tinyurl.com/bojdlew
4-May-12 EuroChallenge Villajoyosa, Spain B Simon van Gysen (SA) http://tinyurl.com/7a25kqx
20-May-12 Molokai Hawaii, USA C Oscar Chalupsky (SA) http://tinyurl.com/6txdb9z
30-Jun-12 Island Shamaal Mauritius B Dawid Mocke (SA) http://tinyurl.com/cq8k47k
26-Jul-12 ASKR Norway C Jasper Mocke (SA) http://tinyurl.com/d5j6z4g
4-Aug-12  US Surfski Champs San Francisco, USA B Dawid Mocke (SA) http://tinyurl.com/9b79nqs
01-Sep-12 Nelo Summer Challenge Vila do Conde, Portugal A Jasper Mocke (SA)  http://tinyurl.com/8jelk7c
08-Sep-12 Maraamu Surf Ski Race Bora Bora, Tahiti C Dean Gardiner (Aus)  http://tinyurl.com/9uytclv
29-Sep-12 Ohana Mana Cup Sardinia, Italy TBA
13-Oct-12 Aegean Race Attica, Greece B
19-Oct-12 Breizh Ocean Race Quiberon, France TBA
10-Nov-12 Steelcase Dragon Run Hong Kong A
16-Dec-12 Cape Town World Cup Cape Town, South Africa B/C

NB: These dates are subject to change.  While I try my best to have the latest info posted, race organisers are prone to changing the dates.  Before booking flights, go to the race website and contact the organisers to make sure that the dates are correct....  (And if they're not, please let us know so that we can update the calendar.)

Race Categories

The World Series races are categorized according to the level of prize money on offer.  The categories are shown in the table below.

CategoryEvent Prize PoolWorld Series Prize PoolPoints Loading
A $20,000+ $500 20
B $10,000+ $350 10
C $5,000+ $250 5
D $3,000+ $150

Example: An A-category event:

  • Must offer an overall prize pool of $20,000 or more
  • Must contribute $500 to the World Series prize pool
  • Is given a 20 point loading (i.e. the winner gets 520 points instead of 500)

How the points work

The winner of a race gets 500 points (plus the race category loading e.g. the winner of a B category race gets 510 points)

The next place position gets 500 – the points interval for the race.  The points intervals work like this:

CompetitorsPoints Interval
200+ 1
150-199 2
100-149 3
<100 4


An A category race has 120 competitors.

  • The winner gets 500 + 20 = 520 points
  • Second place gets 520 – 3 = 517 points
  • Third place gets 517 – 3 = 514 points

Races to count

Each competitor’s five best results will count towards their World Series Ranking

Prize Pool

The series prize pool comprises

  • The event contributions, which vary according to race category
  • $500 from each of the participating manufacturers

For more info:

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