Video of the week: Fat Paddlers in Mauritius

Sunday, 15 July 2012 16:31 | Written by 
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Video of the week: Fat Paddlers in Mauritius

If you're ever on the water in Sydney Australia, and you see a large red blob thrashing its way towards you on a surfski, odds are that it's the famous (or is it infamous?) Fat Paddler... It was my privilege to meet the Fat Paddler a few weeks ago - thrashing its way across the crystal clear blue waters of Mauritius and this week's video is the story of how FP and his PO (Propaganda Officer) found themselves about to be crushed by the notorious monster waves of Le Morne...



More seriously - Sean Smith (aka The Fat Paddler) is truly an inspirational character...  Survivor of the Bali terrorist bombing AND of two horrific car accidents that left him with smashed pelvis and a prognosis of never walking again, Sean not only DID walk again but took up paddling to get fit.  One thing led to another and...

Late in 2011, he accepted a challenge to take part in the Mauritius Ocean Classic, having NEVER sat in a surfski before.  The results were spectacular, as you'll see in the video.

He's also written a book about his experiences - well worth a read:

For the story of their race, check out the fatpadder website:

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