"Hayes Homebuilt"

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Brad Hayes of Hamilton, New Zealand sent us some pics of his new surf ski... 

Hayes Homebuilt Surfski

Cockpit, complete with 'Bumfortable' seat (Pic: Brad Hayes)

It's a "new 100% original craft (designed by me using free Delftship software)," he wrote. "My aim was to create something more stable than my Millenium for use when the going gets tough and also with a Bumfortable seat as my backside can't handle more than 2 hrs in the Millenium seat.  Just some more sanding and polishing to get a good finish but basically ready for sea trials.  Weighs 17 kg and due to the glass/wood/carbon sandwhich is way stronger and stiffer than a glass ski.

Hayes Homebuilt SurfskiHayes Homebuilt Sur fski

Pics: Brad Hayes

"I will get some better pictures (ie not in the garage) and post a report (comparison with my Millenium) after on water testing!"

Hayes Homebuilt Surfski

And it weighes... 17kg! (Pic: Brad Hayes)

(The Delftship software can be found at: http://www.delftship.net/.)

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