Video(s) of the week - surf riding in Aus

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Video(s) of the week - surf riding in Aus

Two videos this week - one from Sean Smith, the (in)famous Fat Paddler in Manly and the other from Adam Fahey in Mandurah, WA...  Both showing the paddlers having fun in waves.  

Fat Paddler

Fat Paddler finds his barrel... well almost!  He comes pretty close to being barrelled at the end of the clip - does he make it?  Watch and find out!


Mad Manly Surfski Surfing with Fat Paddler from Fat Paddler on Vimeo.


Check out the full story on Fat Paddler's blog here:

Saturday morning in Mandurah

Adam Fahey posted this a few days ago.  Just him and a few mates riding some lovely round swells at a beach called Seashells near Mandurah in Western Australia.

His last wave goes on and on for ever...  Nice one.


Not all about downwind

Sometimes I feel I'm so focussed on downwind paddling, that I forget to chill and just go paddle a wave sometimes.  We've got a fantastic beach here in Cape Town for this - the waves in Muizenberg start jacking up a hundred metres or more before the surfers even think of trying to catch anything.

Of course the thing is that there ARE surfers there, so you don't want to lose your ski - the surfers tend to get a little acid about a 6m lump of glass or carbon taking them out broadside.  

Fat Paddler finds the green

Fat Paddler finds the green

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