Average or Calm winter in SoCal so far?

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4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #35917 by MCImes
To the locals, last year was my first winter in Southern California. It was what I consider a rippin' season. Lots of storms, big waves strong wind every week or 2. I know last year was unusually wet and stormy, so I assume the 2 go hand in hand, but I feel like there was more wind even in between the  storms compared to this year.

We have only had a couple 20kt days this year and we're 1/2 way through the stormy season :( looking at windy.com it seems like the jet stream is farther north this year and hammering NorCal up to Washington with big stuff.

Looking back on some of my posts from last year it seems that spring still had some good waves, but im getting worried that the summer doldrums will arrive with only another couple good storms in between. The swell has been pumping semi regularly, but I never feel very comfortable just outside big shore break. I was surfing outside the break line at surfer's point last weekend in 4-7 footers, but the sets were so unpredictable that I was always worried about getting caught inside (almost did a couple times, nothing bad though). Damn fun rides when you catch them just right.

For those who have been paddling around here a while, how does this winter compare to an average year and a good year? Am i right to feel its been pretty slow so far?

Edit - the surfski gods heard my plea and have delivered a pretty gnarly forecast for Sunday.  from NOAA - Western portion, NW winds 10 to 15 kt becoming 25 to 35 kt in the afternoon. Eastern portion, winds variable 10 kt or less becoming W 15 to 25 kt in the afternoon. Combined seas 4 to 6 ft dominant period 13 seconds, building to 8 to 11 ft dominant period 7 seconds in the afternoon. Windy forecast attached. 

7 Second is perfect interval. 8ft+ means them SOB's will be steeeeep. Excellent.

Thorsten or Bruce, I'm possibly down for a Goleta to SB downwind as the wind should be NW, or straight W at Ventura. I can shuttle 2 boats if we want to get a group of 4. Or VeniceBum, if you're doing one of your epic DW's, hit me up. Still interested in how you guys think the season has been for comparison too.

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