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I am a recent transplant from S.A. to Bermuda. After a 5 month wait my ski arrived shipped via the West Coast. Take a tip from a fool, do not try and ship your ski here (order from a dealer in the US). Excellent paddling conditions - always a down wind to be had, warmer water than Durban, and no sharks (serious). One problem - only one other paddler here with a ski. One other trying to get a ski here from US (he is kind of shy so lets call him Dawid). i know there is a lot of ex-pats who paddled in their 'previous lives back home' but the cost of getting a single ski landed is astronomical. Landing a container (30?) makes it viable. I would like to see the captains of industry sink their teeth into this market. Bermuda is arguably (or was up to September 2008) the country with the highest GDP in the world. So, if my attempts to entice a manufacturers' war to invade and conquer the exposed Bermuda surfski market fails, I will continue to paddle this paradise all alone. (Can you imagine the mayhem should someone discover a country with miles of tarred roads and not a single car?)

Oh - And Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. Look way north and west-'ish' of New York.

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Don't wait for someone else to do it.... Get 20 of your buddies together and bring the container yourself. That is the way that we got the game going in the Caribbean. Its really not difficult.

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