Kayak Seat Position

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Kayak Seat Position was created by epic5253
Hi guys, i have recently played around with my Epic 18x sea kayak seat position. I have moved the foot braces max forward & adjusted the seat accordingly. Surprisingly i have much more stability & better swell handling resulting in much faster average speed. The nose used to go over the swell with a spectacular splashing landing. The kayak is 5.45m long with the entre of my bumcheek 2.60m from the back, which gives it a ratio of roughly 48%. The seat used to be .10m more to the rear. Is there any "magic ratio" one can follow other than playing aroubd with the seat position? I know most surfski's if not all have fixed seat positions. It would be ibteresting to know if there is an industry standard. What is your surfski overall lenght / seat position ratio?
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