P2F starts a new training phase

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New Training Phase

Our new immediate focus turns back to the Pacific Ocean series and the remaining three events which will all be around 22kms. With the first one of these events on the 19th November we do not have a huge amount of time to get you all fit again and get practicing in the open water.

These will be the weekly training venues for the next phase;

Monday Currumbin Creek (Pirate Ship) 5.30am (intermediate level and above)

Tuesday Oceanic Dr 5.00am (all levels)

Wednesday Oceanic Dr 5.00am (all levels)

Thursday Mermaid SLSC 5.00am (all levels but confident to paddle off the beach)

Friday Mermaid SLSC 5.00am (all levels but confident to paddle off the beach)

Saturday Meet @ Mermaid SLSC 6.00am (for weekly paddlebacks) (all levels)

For those of you continuing on the full program we will be mixing up the sessions with efforts, long distance and resistance (see attached). Our goal is to make you stronger, better core stability and faster. We will be having a paddleback session every Saturday morning unless there is a Blast or PACOS event or I am away.

For those attending 2 or more sessions I would suggest you attend Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at a minimum if you would like to build on what we have achieved from the last training phase.

For new paddlers, Mondays mornings are an introduction to open water and Tuesday mornings I am in the motor boat so I can take video. P2F is happy if you come once a week or 6 times a week because we guarantee we will be able to help you paddle better.

P2F has organised a social spec ski paddle on Friday nights from Mermaid SLSC followed by a couple of drinks up at the surf club. It would be great if you could attend every now and then and seeing we use the Mermaid SLSC for a training venue, become a social member to the bar up stairs. They have a great kid’s play gym if you would like to bring the families.

New P2F Squad Sessions

I understand that some of you would like to start a new beginner and/or intermediate training squad after the morning sessions after 6am. If those interested could contact me I would be happy to work something out. Seeing the program above, Wednesdays and Fridays would be good however, I would plan what you want.

Looking forward in helping you all to that next level.

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