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Stellar 2016 2G SEL was created by wesley
The 2016 New Stellar SEL 2G will be available in the next few months. I have put many miles in this boat now. It is quite different from the 1G SEL. We discontinued the SE and combined the SE and SEL to just have the SEL 2G that now fits more paddlers than the previous SEL 1G. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible with video, Garmin data, and had a chance to race it in our last race of the season. Below is the link to my website with the review.

The SEL is our 3rd ski to be redesigned this year including the SR 2G, SES 2G, and now the SEL 2G. So if you have paddled a previous generation of these boats, I encourage you to try one of these since they are quite different from the 1G's. Stay turned with more to come from Stellar too! By the way, with my Northeast race season over, in the next month I will be adding 10 skis that I have reviewed last year but not added to my comparison chart. This has been long over due.

Wesley Echols
Stellar Kayaks/Surfski Performance Director, Stellar USA

Wesley Echols
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