Custom Kayaks mark 1

15 years 9 months ago #2104 by Boof Head
Well i've finally sold an older spec ski that I had and finally have the $$ to buy an ocean ski. So far I have tried a Red 7surf70 which has had about a year and a half of regular use in the surf. It has been offered to me for $1500, I liked it. I also have the oppurtunity to get a brand new Barracuda for $1500. i can't find much info on the Barracuda other than it was built in Durban by Eric;s canoe shop
9see other post) but I will be able try one out this weekend.

My 3rd option is a lightly used 2002 model Custom Kayaks mark 1. Its in good nick and priced right at $1300 but I won't have an oppurtunity to try it out.

Question: does anybody have any opinions on the Mark 1, good or bad? I'm a newb to ocean skis but have been paddling in various modes for a number of years, sea kayak and spec ski. i hover around 95kgs.


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