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14 years 6 months ago #3983 by Mulletman
Red7 Pro results was created by Mulletman
Could someone please explain a little about the Red7 Pro?
The reviews here on this site all rave about it being fast and stable and great downwind, but there doesn't seem to be anyone racing them! Where are all the results? Are they just not that competitive?
Why are only Fenn, Epic and Think (and occasionally Huki) seen at any races?

Not meaning to offend anybody, I would love a Green7, but the absence of Red7 in the racing scene has me wondering..

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14 years 6 months ago #3984 by nell
Replied by nell on topic Re: Red7 Pro results
Good question. I demo'd one in San Fran in August and thought that it was a very nice ski. Much better than what we had as choices 5 years ago. But, the Thinks, Epics, Fenns, Hukis are pretty nice, too. It's a competitive market these days. My gut feeling is that the design and quality issues present in Red7's first go-round, several years ago, sort of created a hole that they need to dig out of, even though the Green7 is from a new owner, factory etc. And, they don't have much international presence. I think it would only be advantageous for them to get a few dozen skis around the world, even if it's at a break even point financially, just for exposure. Skis are expensive and most paddlers are weary of spending so much on something that they haven't paddled and seen first hand. Erik

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14 years 6 months ago #3985 by lost john
Replied by lost john on topic Re:Red7 Pro results
The opinion I heard a few years ago, from someone further up the supply chain, was that Red7 were so passionate about the craft/art/science of making boats that they tended to neglect the business side. I can verify that from personal experience as a north american consumer, which started off having them send me to the wrong retailer (about 2000 Km wrong). 18 months after paying I received my boat, in the wrong paint scheme. I still drool over the surf70 pro! ... though for what it is I may as well get a v12 from a dealer in town.

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14 years 6 months ago - 14 years 6 months ago #3986 by Dicko
Replied by Dicko on topic Re:Red7 Pro results
I own a pro and firmly beleive the hull shape is as fast or faster on flat water and downwind as anything on the market.

The trouble is that they are heavy, almost 2 kg heavier than stated. For example my supposedly 15.5 kg ski weighs 17.5kgs. By contrast my mates 18kg stellar is closer to 16kg. It is hard to compete against boats that are 20% lighter. If the boats were made in china with the finish and weight of the chinese made boats, they would be hard to beat. That's not to say they are badly built, they are solid as a rock, but they lack the finish of the epics and stellars.

The other thing is availablity. It is almost impossible to buy one and takes a leap of faith to part with your cash and then get a boat that has to be shipped 3000km's.If it survives the truck ride it is usually in thr wrong colour.

They suffer a bit like the v12, which both have less rocker. in certain conditions. Straight downwind or flat conditions they are rockets, anything else and they probably suffer.

Having said all that I would probably buy another one if I broke mine. They are comfortable and stable and fast.

If they could build a light one and then bung someone good in one and they would probably do alright.
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14 years 6 months ago #3988 by wayneoos
Replied by wayneoos on topic Re:Red7 Pro results
I think a number of points made by the previous contributors are valid and these are the issues that Green 7/Red 7 are trying to remedy. We recognise that we need to achieve greater visibility on the world circuit, but sponsorship of a top recognised paddler is expensive and therefore other options of exposure are being identified.
Agents are being appointed in various countries and we are looking at increasing our footprint in a manageable fashion. We believe that the markets are receptive to our ski's, but we need to solve the logistical challenge of getting less than container loads to markets/customers in a cost effective manner.
The point of being more commercially instead of R&D focussed is also a valid point and is something the new partners in the company have focussed on. We also believe that the next wave of innovation will be more focussed on materials (stronger and lighter)than boat design and thus without changing designs we aim to be more competitive by being in the forefront of the adoption of proven innovative materials.
The market is competitive and we realise that we have to do things differently. As they say; how can we expect different results if we don't do things differently.
Thanks for your input

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