Red7 Valheru Bidding

15 years 8 months ago #2542 by ndewet
Red7 Valheru Bidding was created by ndewet
Hi there,

I own one of the few Red7 Valheru surfskis ever made, its got a fast but also extremely tippy hull. What is interesting is that when it was released into the market (late 2004, I got mine January 2005) the dominant ski was the Fenn Millenium so this ski was logically meant to compete with it.

The Valheru was marketed as a great downwind ski and probably is but if you fall out you'll be in serious trouble as its so tippy and difficult to remount. The Fenn Millenium is much more stable than the Valheru. Red7 have since started making skis that are stable and the Valheru experiment did not last long, as far as I know there are only a handful that were ever sold.

I just put a classified up for my Valheru , bidding starts at R 0 and please place your bids in this thread if interested. Note I'm being honest about the ski's characteristics for a good reason, I would not want to sell it to someone without them knowing what they are getting. If you live next to a sheltered bay and have space for a second ski then you'll probably have fun in it. It should not be your primary racing ski though, that would be too risky.


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