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I’ve been paddling surfskis for about 15 years now. Current boat since new, gen 1 Stellar SE and before that a V10 and a couple of Red7 70s.
I like surfing my Stellar but Im moving to a location where I expect that I’ll spend a lot more time surfing (river mouth mainly) and am thinking about getting a spec ski. The deep seat LS seems like it would suit and there is a used one for sale a couple of hours away.
i haven’t spent time in a spec ski.
QUESTION: what is the stability of the LS like compared to ocean skis like the Stellar, V10, etc?
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3 years 4 months ago #38194 by mickeyA
Replied by mickeyA on topic LS surfski vs......
I’ve never paddled the Fenn LS, but did buy a new Fenn Tarpon S, deep seat, adjustable footwell spec ski a couple years ago.  Tarpon spec is foolproof rock solid, about like an XT.  Tarpon is more stable than LS, though not sure by how much.  High end competitive spec skis with very high seats/shallow buckets are very tippy.  The deep seat version of LS will make it more stable than the ultra tippy specs.  Compared to SE, which I consider elite level ocean ski, LS has to be more stable. May be more in line with your V10.  Specs skis are totally different than ocean skis. Heavier/more durable, more rocker and front volume to surf steep nearshore breaking waves better.  At 19’, specs are typically shorter  than ocean skis.  I had the SE and I think it was more like 22’!   I would never consider taking a 22’ ocean ski where 19’ spec skis go.  I use my SF S for offshore swell surfing and my spec ski for near shore surfing on breaking waves.  Love them both, but for totally different purposes.  I am not familiar with “river mouth.”  If that means more like breakers/foamies or steep waves, I think spec would be good.  

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