Malibu 2022 7 mile downwinder April 30 1230 check in.

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Nice. Im pretty sure I'll be there. Looks like a few other OC's/Skis.Ive never paddled the malibu ocean but would like to. It has more exposed long period ocean swell than further north. Hopefully we get a characteristic west or north west wind that day. 2pm is a good time wind-wise. google maps puts the course at closer to 8mi. Those beaches often have steep surf so I'm hoping for a day with wind, but not too much long period swell. I dont think I can bring myself to take my Vega flex through thick, steep 4' shore break. Im not sure how tight parking will be at either beach. Anyone know if they require payment for entry? Yes I assume?I added a couple larger maps based on the description on paddle guru. Please let me know if this is incorrect at all and I'll fix it.

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