Paddle length for 1.75M Paddler

3 years 9 months ago #37234 by sarzelopez
I there are some topics on paddle length, sorry.

I´ve been paddling kayaks for a good amount of years, and surfski for around a year and a half. I have 2 wing paddles, both go 210cm to 220cm. I´ve had a decent experience with these paddles, but on the ocean I do feel that there would be an added benefit on using a properly sized one (shorter). I´m 1.75m tall with 1.75m wingspan (5´9") 

Could any paddler with a similar height/wingspan provide any info on what size paddle they use?


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3 years 9 months ago #37235 by agooding2
More important than your overall height is the height of your torso and how much you sink your boat in the water.  Narrower boats sink more as do heavier paddlers.  I have a short torso, but long legs for my height (5' 8.5").

I use a 205 to 210 paddle, set at 207 most of the time with 49.8 cm blades.  I also use a fixed 203 with 47.5 cm blades and a fixed 205 with 48.5 cm blades, so all about the same shaft length. 

If your blades are attached with hot glue you can use a heat gun to take them off and shorten the shaft then reattach.

-- Andrew
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3 years 9 months ago #37239 by mickeyA
At 6”, I typically use 211-212.  If in surf or needing very fast starts, I go as low as 206, but that is short.  You need some leverage, so do not go too short.
A lot depends on the blade length which is rarely talked about.
If cutting, which I do often on braca shafts, be aware of how much you can cut.   I have a braca VIII that has long, skinny blades.  It was 220 when I bought it.  I fell for the idea of going short, so I cut it to 210 only to find out I was now holding the blades!  The blades are long and require 215 to barely hold only the shaft and not neck.  Just make sure blades are short enough.  I do not think you will likely ever go below 205, and I do not think you will ever go over 215, so 205-215 fits most.   If you only have 5cm adjustment, that’s a tough call.  I would get 207-212.  Something else to consider is size of blade (not just length).  Huge sprint blades:  202-212, small blades:  207-217.  Thanks

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3 years 9 months ago #37241 by Nordy
I'm the same height and used to have my paddle set at about 213-15 for flatwater and about 210 for rougher water. 
At the time I found the 210 setting quite short and thought I wouldn't go any shorter than that. Then earlier this year, I changed paddles to a 205-215 Jantex small-mid and having the shorter length, have found that I have rarely gone above 210 now. I start with it at 209 and keep it there for most paddles. When I get tired, I bring it down a bit more. 
Three things from this: i) It's amazing how quickly you get used to the different lengths. I never thought I'd go below 210 but here I am, paddling almost always under that length. 
ii) I don't believe there is really any one perfect fixed length. As many have said on these forums before, some lengths will suit some conditions (both on the ocean and your own physical condition on the day too) better than others, so it's important to play around and be comfortable enough that you can adjust with those changes. 
iii) The third thing I've noticed is that the Jantex is much stiffer through the shaft than my previous paddle which was a bit more forgiving, so that also has had something to do with the shortening lengths (Not enough muscles!)

As some of the other posters mentioned before, other factors come into play as well such as arm and torso length, maybe width of the boat too, so it's really just a matter of getting out there and having a play around. 
Hope this helped and good luck sorting yours out.  

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