Revo Rudder Fitting - Your experience?

3 years 7 months ago #34534 by [email protected]
I remember quite a while ago, looking at the Revo rudder system which allows for easy (no tools required) changing of the rudder.

Those of you who own Revos - how has that been in practice?  Does it work well?


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3 years 7 months ago #34542 by J3ZZA
Whilst I don't own one, I have paddled them and have seen and used the Revo system. As an owner of Fenn and Carbonology skis, each of which has several rudders to use on the day, I find that each rudder change takes 2 - 4 mins. More in the dark or with cold hands. Also requires a shifter / adjustable or exact spanner and a screwdriver for some and often different St St packing washers, depending on which boat. (It would be great also if the say CS rudders were interchangeable between CS boats - I have a Vault and  Boost LV and rudders are not compatible due to hull volumes). I have been really envious of Revo's click in / out system. It really is easy, fast, simple, foolproof and well designed. I understand all under hull shapes are different - but wouldn't it be great if many brands had an somewhat standardised click in / click out interchangeable rudder system (like surfboard fins), but with really fine tolerance / gap to hull for weed etc - Utopia much? Think also have a great weed deflector built in. 

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3 years 7 months ago #34544 by Wiid
Hi Rob

As a owner of a R2 I can comment that it works very easily and without fuss. Done only about 500km on the boat. 
Is it really that necessary to chop and change between 3 rudders? (short sprint type, 'normal' length standard, elliptical shape). I would say no. Its very convenient but at most I would change it once twice a season. Mostly moving from summer downwinds over to the flatter winter paddling we have here in false bay.

I don't use the boat that often since its fairly uncomfortable. My 34-36 inch waist just slots into the bucket with very little room to rotate. 

The boat will be up for sale soon if someone is looking to buy this very unique boat for dirt cheap. With a cover.

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3 years 6 months ago #34634 by Orly

i have a Revo ski.  The rudder can be fitted or removed  in seconds. 

Unexpected feature of the design is when a rudder chord fails, the rudder can be really removed in the open ocean (25km windand lots of chop and swell) and can continue to paddle fairly effectively without rudder (ski of course wanders around a bit but is manageable).
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