V10 g2 vs. V10 g3

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As a new paddler myself, I think it all depends upon the conditions you paddle. If you're paddling true ocean conditions, with lots of chop, waves, etc. I think that V8 Pro will do you well for quite some time. In flat water/very mild ocean conditions, I am roughly .5 - .6 (1km) mph faster in the V10 Gen 2 than than when I paddle the V7. What was a hard tempo pace for 1 hour when paddling my V7 in the ocean (9 min/mile) is now an easy pace in the V10. When paddling the V10, my 1 hour tempo pace is now down around 8:20/mile, and I suspect that it will drop even lower as I become more stable in the boat.

Now, that being said, if I had a race tomorrow and conditions were going to be rough, I'd MUCH, MUCH rather be in the V8 Pro, as I'd be MUCH, MUCH faster! I am simply not ready to race anything but flat water in the V10... right now.

As a beginner, if I were rich, I'd buy a V8 Pro for really rough seas, surfing, etc. and use the V10 as my flat water boat. I would then gradually push my limits in the V10 over the course of the next 2 - 3 years so that I could eventually paddle it fast in all conditions. Truth be told, if I sell a mountain bike (or 2) I might just buy both boats and follow this plan. As it stands, I can only afford one, so I plan on building into the V10 by gradually introducing rougher sea paddling into the mix (I'll use my V7 for surfing and the really nasty stuff this fall).

As another point of reference, one of the local guys I race with paddles a V8 Pro. He has really come on strong in the later part of the season and is averaging right up around 7 miles per hour for his 8 - 14 mile flat water and flatter ocean races! The boat can definitely move, and is a very stable platform to boot. Is the V10 faster? Absolutely... as long as you have the stability to paddle it hard in the conditions you plan on racing. I'd still be faster in my V7 on a rough day in the ocean simply because I wouldn't be capsizing left and right, but I'm making the commitment to paddle the V10 every outing and gradually building my skill set. Like you, I'll get there eventually.

Hope that helps.
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My plan would be to keep the v8-pro for some time, as well as the v10. Progressively paddle the v10-g3 in more challenging conditions and then decide on whether I keep 2 boats or not. To date, I've had my v8-pro for 18 months or so. The v8-pro is plenty fast to keep up with the front pack, but the effort required to keep the boat at 7mph+ feels much greater than in the v10-g3, which just seems to tick along with less effort.

That's where I find the main difference, not so much in top end speed, but in sustaining a faster overall race-pace. Oh, and the surfing, at least the little bit I've experienced, in the v10-g3 (when compared to the v8-pro) is in another league entirely. I may find the same in the v10-g2, but I've barely paddled that boat.

There's definitely a progression. I am nowhere near 100% comfortable in the v10-g3 yet. And, as much as I like to tell myself I'm 100% comfortable in all conditions in the v8-pro, it only takes 1 day with difficult conditions to make that statement false.

Heh, then I tell myself that having the option to drop back to the v8-pro will just limit progress, so ditch the extra boat and keep only the v10-g3!

What I can see from paddling the boat is that it's definitely more advanced bringing with it both risks and rewards. Every time I paddle it I feel better in it, then every now and then, I don't... but I've come to learn, that's just paddling!
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@Tony H it looks as though you have owned the Swordfish S. How does it compare for you to the Gen 3 V10? I owned the Sword S and sold it for a Nelo 560 but just can't get comfortable in it in rougher water.

I felt bomb proof in the Sword in any conditions and am regretting my decision.

Is the G3V10 as stable as the Sword? As good downwind as the Sword? And anything else you may think is relevant would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Scode, swordfish is an excellent boat - comparison to v10G3 is that epic is slightly faster, less stable & more comfortable for me. IMO the epic surfs better than swordy.
Have also owned nelo 560 which was faster & less stable than the above two boats.

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