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Heres a pic:
Google search term statistics for "stand up paddling" (blue) vs. "surfski" (red) over a couple of years

While I also feel it's odd to see how surfski events don't get much coverage, esp. in light of what the paddlers achieve > to be honest, I actually like that surfskis have not become such a hype (yet) as SUP (here in Europe and I mean flat water SUP) and that not too many (so far) do downind at the coasts although it´s growing.

Why? The hero celebration around SUP here is just too annoying for me (I don't mean the sport itself, which makes fun, I mean the puff-work around it, might be different in other countries). Only certain sports can become hypes, the entry into the sport needs to be super easy, that's when the trendfollowing sheeple who hop on any trend that comes along can hop on too, take e.g. those Nordic Walking folks that stood in the landscape in 2012, you think they disappeared or died? No, they are all now standing on the water, just on SUP-boards.

Another example: regional 10k flat water SUP race, some 30 "racers" (where I live, mostly former studio pumpers and posers, many just way too cool for us random sit-down paddlers , the usual urban SUP paddler: "cool about SUP for me is that it saves the money for the gym and tanning shop"), is celebrated like an iron man with the first 10 ranks getting their trophies handed (add playback of a Rocky-type anthem) over from two bikini girls followed by a champaign shower, add live broadcast or local TV and regional newspaper trend amplification. Just makes you wonder sometimes, lol. This isn't at all comparable to what SUP Ocean Paddlers achieve elsewhere, which I admire, but small flat water events being celebrated like a moon landing can look odd. Again, it's not the sport itself.

So yeah, with all the surfki models availabe today I personally do not need to get the sport bigger just to have prices drop and even more models to choose from.
I find the under-representation of this sport (here in Europe) actually quite charming as it mostly attracts people with "a character" (Not saying that I have one, but realized most kayak/surfski paddlers have). I'd fear the sport would suffer if it became a trend. I know views differ, this is just mine, I know that SUP is done differently in other regions of the world, esp. if on open water and folks are different. Excuse my ranting lol.
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Well Uffilation, It looks like I will be going to the "Dark Side". I have given up traditional surfing due to degenerative arthritis and disc disease in my neck. I am having surgery next month. It appears my only options will be stand up surfing and surfski paddling, HOPEFULLY. I can't tolerate prone paddling anymore.
But, as far a trendy SUP paddling goes, There was a gorgeous young women doing SUP yoga in a thong bikini at a cove we were at on fathers day. Made my day. Don't know if the wife appreciated it as much as I did.

Another question, are sup faster than surfskis downwind now? I got beat by an sup in the last race I was in. Very humiliating! I don't think surfskis will be able to compete with the Foiling SUP's?

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Oh, allways s.cks if health issues kick in to stop a sport. But you'll sure have fun with the alternative. AND: The dark side has cookies. (Just to make it clear, not saying that flat water SUP does not make sense, for families, kids, recreation and fittnes, racing all ok. It's just the fuzz about it where I live and I'dont't like if a sport is "loud", lol. Yoga SUP is not loud lol.)

DW SUP: Yep, they are getting faster as that's a sport were pros emerge with continous improvement in tech and gear. Not like the "Men's health flat water poser buddies" in some ares.
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