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7 years 9 months ago #27087 by gsm509
I'm new to this forum and new to the sport. I live in Port Elgin, Ont. Canada, on Lake Huron. I started sea kayaking this summer and especially loved riding the waves and swells. I had never heard of a surf ski until I stumbled across somebody selling a Think Legend with 'elite' set up a couple of weeks ago out of Toronto. In my brief research since, they are not very common in Canada, and there are very few used ones around. I'm loving it and have been out in meter high waves / swells a couple of times. I'm falling off less each time and connecting some good runs, but I have trouble imagining feeling secure enough in it to be in cold water where I don't want to be constantly in the water (we have long cold winters here). If there were a pile of used ones around I would likely swap out to something less tippy, but they are scarce. So, question #1 - Does anybody know of places to buy, sell, swap surfskis in Ont.? #2 - Is it realistic for a newbie to develop enough stability to allow skills to properly develop in this class of boat, and to feel secure from tipping? Apologies for the rambling - I'm excited at having discovered surfacing, my family is sick of listening to me and I haven't found other surfskiers to connect with yet!

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7 years 9 months ago #27089 by photofr
Welcome to the sport (very addictive sport).

Surfski is booming: seems to me like the good people in the SUP industry have put the water bug back into humanity, and as a result, surfski paddling is booming more than ever. People do take notice that they can paddle a whole lot faster and in lots of different conditions on a surfski than on a SUP. Don't get me wrong, I still very much enjoy stand up paddling. Nonetheless, surfski is getting a 3rd life, but it's still relatively unknown.

Having said all of this, you are located in one of the most convenient places on earth with easy access to Canada dealers, and US dealers regarding nearly all makes and models of surfskis. Take your pick, or simply make the short drive to the US :)

I don't think that finding a surfski dealer will be difficult. The hardest part is going to be to convince you that you should go with a more stable ski - a surfski that you feel comfortable enough to raise your hands above your heads, in any condition.

Bottom line: THINK has some much better suited skis for you to have fun in any condition (flat or fun downwind). Here's a short list of brands that may be available to you, or with a short drive:

Can't go wrong with:
Nelo 520 (two constructions, ranging from 10 to about 12 kilos)
Epic V8 (couple of constructions, ranging from about 10 to 17 kilos)
(but you should really try any ski in the conditions you planned to paddle in, before making any sort of purchase)
Think EZE (I hear good things, but I cannot comment on it since I haven't tried it)

Get the family in the water: they'll understand your "bug" better. :)

(Brittany, France)

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7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #27093 by drjay9051
I believe these guys are not too far from you: Located in Toronto.

I would think a more forgiving ski would be a wise investment.

I started out in an Epic V10 sport in ultra layup and swam a bit before I had any skills. Next I bought a Stellar SR. Both of these are so called intermediate skis. Although the Stellar is a bit more forgiving I have serious issues in any kind of weather or waves. I enjoy the skis but on some days am frustrated.

that is why I am taking delivery of a stellar S18s, a beginner ski. To both work on my stroke mechanics and at the same time be able to enjoy rougher conditions.

I believe your Legend is even more advanced than my 2 skis.

You make be able to "grow into it" but my advice (FWIW) is get a second more forgiving ski like Epic V8, Stellar s18S, Think EZE, Nelo 520 etc.

Best of both worlds: stable ski for rougher water and the Legend for flat conditions.

I am far from an expert but have put my macho on the shelf and bought the S18S so everyday can be a day to paddle.

As they say "stability before speed"
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7 years 8 months ago #27101 by red_pepper
You can often find Canadian listings on some of the websites with used boat sales. Look at and You may find something on the MR 340 site (; or more specifically ). There will also likely be a number of boats available just across the border of your southern neighbor. :)

I owned a Think Legend at one point in time; it's a fun ski, but definitely more of an elite ski. I'll join the others in recommending something like the Stellar S18S, Epic V8, or Think Eze as excellent cold-weather boats - stable enough to feel secure, but with enough performance to still be a lot of fun. I will make one plug for the Stellar S18S: the cockpit is a little larger than most of the others, easily accommodating the bulk from your wet or dry suit, neoprene boots, etc. Some of the cockpits get a little tight when you're decked out in winter gear (particularly the foot wells).

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7 years 8 months ago #27102 by gsm509
Thank you for your insights. Great to be able to learn from a such a passionate group of people. I would have no trouble picking out several nice bottles of champagne, my difficulty is sticking to my one beer budget aka one used surfski! I will check out suggested websites. Thank you again.

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7 years 8 months ago #27108 by YBA/Jim Murray
Mike Fekete in Toronto sells paddling equipment and coaches.

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7 years 8 months ago #27109 by YBA/Jim Murray
You can google the name. I tried inclusion of more info but ended up in the spam bucket.

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