shortening an Epic 2-piece paddle from a 210-220?

11 years 6 months ago #14348 by Kayaker Greg
Successfully shortened my two Epic Mid Wing paddles today by 30mm. Tried to remove a blade first, went from hair dryer, to boiling water to a butane torch, but no way was the blade going to come out of the shaft.
Next approach was to remove the twist grip from one paddle and the lever lock from the other, both successful with boiling water, removed 30mm from each then used marine two part epoxy to refit the locks, the twist grip was easy, the lever lock a bit more work as there is a large gap between the lock and the shaft to fill, fitted an o ring to prevent the epoxy coming out of the gap and lined it up by sight, took a little bit of emery paper work to get the paddle to go together once the epoxy had hardened enough to fit but its all good now.
Both paddles now adjust from 205cm to 215cm where as before they were 208cm to 218cm but I've recently started to use my small mids at 207cm to up my turn over so wanted to be able to run the mids at the same length and perhaps shorter.

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