Rear of seat cracking V12P

11 years 3 weeks ago #12921 by FalllGuy
I think I used up my quota of the word "context" for one day in that last post! It was a Vicodine lunch too...

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11 years 3 weeks ago #12922 by JeandeFlorette
Replied by JeandeFlorette on topic Re: Rear of seat cracking V12P

FalllGuy wrote: If a product does not perform properly and safely in the conditions that it was designed to perform in, there is a flaw in the design of the product and that company is liable to the consumer; even if the product warranty has run out.

The recurrence of poor design or contruction of surfski resulting in soft spots appearing within 6 months to a year of purchase is totally inacceptable. "Recurrence" : I have had in succession soft spots appearing in : Think Uno Max, Vajda Orca Racing, which reulted in the crafts being repaired, replaced then repaired again. Now, I am reading through this forum that Epics are also notorious in the Ultra layup! Maybe manufacturers should spend less money in promoting their products, eg. sponsoring events and elite paddlers... but spend more money into R & D or having a good look at the manufacturing process, making the hulls more resistant to external pressure such as carrying a surf ski on one's hips and shoulders as most of us do, maybe this will result in better quality products and happier paddlers, knowing that they will spend more time on the water in their beloved craft instead of the boat repairers workshop. I have not heard any bad vibes about Fenn, maybe the others should take a leaf out of their book...

It is through forum like this one that our voices can be heard... let me spend some time talking about the excuses I heard from the agent/importer... "you've been tying your ski too tight on the roof rack", "I wonder what object you've hit...". I have now been paddling for the last 8 years and if I don't know how to attach a ski to a roof rack by now, I might as well retire in disgrace!

In a similar vein as the poor kayak fisher caught offshore with a leaking craft, how many of us with those dodgy skis have experienced a flexing craft when hitting chop a few kilometers offshore! not a good look?!

We expect to get value for money, a ski that will last longer than a year without major repair patches, we also expect resale value as a repaired ski is not worth much as some of us have had the unpleasant experience... We should not be finding excuses for the manufacturers lack of quality control, we demand answers, better built skis and full refund where it is warranted that there is a defect? We also expect a recall where is is proven that the batch of skis is of dodgy construction, not a super discounted lot pf skis as I have seen in for a particular manufacturer which I don't care to mention!

Manufacturers (they know who they are), wake up please and listen to your ex customers or your market share will disappear faster than certain appendage in cold weather...


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