Huki S1R?

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From looking at the Surfski speed vs. stability chart in Getting Started on this website it would appear that the Huki S1R would be the best boat to start out in and keep for awhile. It's the most stable and fairly speedy. On the other hand maybe it's not a boat for a newbie.
I've read a little on a Mako 6. How does it compare?
I've never paddled a surfski before.

current skis: SES Ultra. sculling boats: Fluidesign Lwt, Wintech, Empacher.
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11 years 11 months ago #12544 by RHamady
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Hey Bro, welcome to the wonderful world of surfski paddling !!

My first surfski was a Huki S1-R and I can tell you it is a perfect ski for a beginner, at least for me. It's plenty fast and surfs swell like crazy. Huki has an extremely efficient steering system that adjusts in seconds and the steering is very responsive when surfing or going downwind in swell.

It is very stable and a well built product. I paddled mine for about 2 years and then moved up to the Huki S-1X Special with no problem. I love Huki ski's as Jude stands behind his product and will answer any questions you may have.

The only other thing I can mention as you are new to surfski paddling, is make sure you purchase a wing paddle, don't try to paddle a ski w/ a regular paddle or you will flail around and not be very stable.

Hope this helps,

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