Pullen 3.0WS WAVE SKI - or anything similar?

8 months 2 weeks ago #40615 by Agent009
Hi all

Have been paddling a roto Epic V5 for quite some time now, but due to storage reasons at my holiday apartment, I need to downgrade to something smaller.

Can go 3.2m max in length (which I know is more wave ski territory than surf ski). Ideally I want something much lighter than the Epic V5 as well, which comes in at close to 20kg.

I have come across this:

It's 3m in length, which suits my storage requirements and is the same width as Epic V5 (60cm).

It's also 12.5kg in the Performance spec, which is made of:

Laminate: Carbon Fibre-Kevlar Hybrid | Core-mat | Vinylester Resin

(so much lighter as well, which is what I want).

Thoughts? There is very, very, very little in this category as you can imagine. Is there anything else you would recommend? Thoughts on this ski (remember I need under 3.2m).

And please don't say "why don't you upgrade your storage or find a way to keep a bigger ski"...it's just not possible, hence this post.


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8 months 2 weeks ago #40616 by zachhandler
What are you looking to do with this short boat? Surf beach waves? Paddle downwind? Paddle around on the flat? Do workouts for exercise?

The waveski you listed is probably perfect surfing to the beach. But I doubt it will link runs downwind and it will be be slow and stable and not track well on the flat.

If you you are ok with an open cockpit kayak then maybe the folding Oru kayaks would be an option?

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