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Hi Alan,

I just noticed that you used the blade image from Bracsa. I use a Bracsa II with an adjustable shaft. The only difference with the II is the increased pitch. At first I was hesitant to use this for Surf Ski but since I read some use Bracsa I, guess its okay.

Here's Oscar's advice on paddle length: (from this article )

"Do you change your length of paddle depending on the conditions, if so what is your thinking?

Yes I have been doing many experiments with this and I am more and more convinced that changing paddle lengths helps immensely. When I paddle against a strong wind I reduce my paddle length up to 5 cm. When I am doing a flat paddle for training I will increase my paddle by 2 cm from my normal paddle length. I have on occasions made my paddle longer in big long ocean swell down wind runs. I also shorten my paddle during races as I get tired. In the PE2EL race I dropped my paddle to 210 from 215 on the last part of the 1st and 3rd day. The last day I paddled with a 212 as it was into the wind. I also adjust my paddle on a run as I get tired in the Molokai. I equate the changing of lengths to that of a cyclist and his gears"

At almost 5'10 (1.77 M), my standard length is 210 cm. He's much taller than I am (he's 6'4 ) If he's using the same length as mine, then I must have a long paddle then.

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Another question on paddle length. When measuring, it should be from tip to tip right? According to the epic wizard, I should have 212 cm. Btw, my paddle is a Bracsa II min with a blade size of 815 sqcm

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