Any Special regulations in Canada?

14 years 2 weeks ago #4558 by Tom_D
I am taking my ski up to Canada this summer and I wondered if there are any special regulations I should know about. We are planning to spend two months on the Georgian Bay north of Parry Sound.

I read the boaters regulations for boats over 6 meters and it looks like I need an approved PFD, 50' tow line, flashlight and whistle. The reg's read like I didn't need flares if I don't go more than 1 nautical mile from land. I have a clip on navisafe navigation light if needed. I assume my GPS will serve as a compass if required.

The OPP seems pretty strict about boater safety so I figured I had better be prepared.


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14 years 2 weeks ago #4559 by YBA/Jim Murray
Six metre length is intended for motor boats. The OPP are mostly looking for alcohol and unsafe boat handling.
Police will treat you as a canoeist and usually won't pay much attention. They may have stopped me once checking for a PFD. The question was "is your lifejacket in the boat?".
You will paddle in a great place, but keep in mind you will be in or near wilderness areas. The Great Lakes generate their own weather systems. The few items in a basic survival kit are easy to stow and if on hand probably won't be needed. Although I never carried a cell phone before-now I think it should be. Call it the chicken gene.
Oh, and if you do South Baymouth to Tobermory tell us how it was?

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