Ran over my first shark

12 years 6 months ago #9063 by Kneewall49
Just a short note to let you know my recent experience of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

We were out one mid week late afternoon, you could almost call it the evening. Was raining, darkish and conditions wild, how we like them, doing a down wind sprint from Long Reef to the Basin at Mona Vale on a Swordfish.

When opposite Warriewood, and about 2km out, I was surprised to notice (in the maelstrom of flying water and white water), the calm and precise tracking of a fin!! Amaazing how the humnan eye can detect things that are different from the main visual pattern!

It was brown (I guess better than grey) and tracking not at me but on a collision course. I decided that I didn't want to share the same water with it so I maintened my track, speed and course.

We came together with a bump, when I hit it just in front of the fin, which was about 9" high. It was a shark alright I could see the profile, but not sure what model, apart from its size which luckly was only about 5 foot.

I didn't hang around to see its response and kept on going. The bump was like hitting a softish log.

Anyway that's one for us.

Northern Beaches, Australia.
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