Vaikobi PFD and safety equipment

5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #33904 by feeny
I have a vaikobi PFD and as much as I like it, the zip pockets are a little small. For example, they don't easily fit a phone bag.

Rob, I just saw your (excellent) article on safety equipment, and was wondering where you wear the phone bag? I stuff mine in the rear hydration compartment, which is ok, but if I actually need to use the phone (I yank it out by the lanyard attached to the phone bag, which is also tied onto one of the PFD strap loops), it can be hard to get back into the pocket once out.

The vaikobi pocket also can't fit a full size hand flare, meaning either half size, telescopic or pencil -- though I can fit a full size flare in the rear hydration compartment, with the same access issues.

So, was wondering how and where you fit all that stuff into those tiny vaikobi pockets, or if not in the pockets, whereabouts?
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