'Fenn' Cup Ocean Series - Sydney $25,000 in prizes

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'Fenn' Cup Ocean Paddle Series
Proudly hosted by Long Reef SLSC and OceanPaddler.com

Down wind series. Over $25,000 in cash and other prizes.

3pm Saturday 26th September, 2009
3pm Saturday 31st October, 2009
3pm Saturday 2nd January, 2010


10am Sunday 3rd January, 2010 (Doubles & Teams race)

Entries will be taken prior to the series commencing on line at www.Oceanpaddler.com

Depending upon the wind conditions we will start from either Fisherman's Beach, Long Reef and finish at Palm Beach (Pittwater side). We will then paddle either north or south finishing again at Palm Beach or Fishermans. The course is around 20 km and will have a flat water start and finish. Should conditions be north east we will finish actually at Long Reef Beach with paddlers having to paddle around Long Reef headland.

Doubles Race:
The doubles and Teams race will complete the series on Saturday 3rd January, 2010 starting at 10am. The race will be over the same course as the singles series however we will have a portage at Mona Vale Basin. Competitors will be required to have one paddler run up the beach, around a flag and continue on their journey. For those unable to get access to a double ski we will also have a teams category with the changer over point for the second paddler also being the Basin at Mona Vale.

Types of Craft
The event is open to all types of craft, Fenn, Epic, Think, Red 7, Spec Skis, OC1, Doubles

Presentation & Prizes
At the conclusion of each race competitors are welcome to have a hot shower at Long Reef SLSC. Then stay for a beer, something to eat and the presentation, you need to be there to win one of the lucky door prizes.

Cash prizes:
Each race will have cash prizes as well as the top 10 for the series receiving cash in opens, top 5 in over 40s and top 5 in over 50s.

3 Skis as lucky door prizes:
We will also have two Fenn skis and one Charger SLS spec ski up as lucky door prizes as well as numerous mango paddles. You must have competed in each of the 3 races to be eligible for one of these 3 skis.

Other prizes:
We also have other prizes thanks to our fabulous sponsors:

- OceanPaddler.com
- Advantage Kayaks, Qld
- Mango Paddles,
- MacIntosh Foundation,
- Pro Kayaks, Narrabeen,
- Rhino Racks,
- Fitness First,

Each competitor will be given a paddle cap and rash shirt to compete in throughout the series and you must wear that rash shirt or you will be disqualified.

Safety & First Aid
Long Reef SLSC will provide watersafety throughout the series with a large fleet of IRB's spread out over and following competitors as they complete the course. Competitors will be required to wear a leg rope in each of the races. Each IRB will have first aid supplies, emergency water and will be in direct contact via radio with Emergency Services and Race Directors incase of any incident.

Race Directors:
- Dean Gardiner &
- Doug Lucas, President Long Reef SLSC

More information will go up on www.Oceanpaddler.com and www.longreef.com in the coming weeks.

This series promises to be huge so put these dates aside in your diary and keep training!;)
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