Into winter we go...

13 years 11 months ago #2952 by yankee
Into winter we go... was created by yankee
Well, we've sorta been in Autumn/Winter for most of our "summer" anyway, but, now that real "winter" is coming back around (less light, less degrees in H2O, less sun, more cloud, etc.)...
What does everyone wear when paddling? (geez, sound like my wife:blink:) Those SharkSkins(tm!) look neat, are they any good?! I hate wearing the wetsuit while paddling...
And when will you find the time to keep the TOYA up?
Just wondering as I'm still green to this and want to keep the practicing up, as comfortably as possible:blush:

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13 years 11 months ago #2954 by RHamady
Replied by RHamady on topic Re:Into winter we go...
Hey Yankee,

I'm in Virginia Beach, VA, Mid-Atlantic Coast and I paddled this weekend with 41 degree water and about 46 degree air temp. I dress in case I have some kind of catastrophic failure and am floating in the ocean......I wear an O'Neil 4/3mm wetsuit, 7mm booties, 2mm gloves and a hood. Plus the PFD and leg leash. You will be more than surprised at the wetsuits they are making these days. They are sooooo stretchy and comfortable it's like having nothing on almost. The technology and good rubber/neoprene is just awesome and keeps you very warm. I surf in these suits as well in the cold water and have been out in the water surfing for 2-3 hrs, no problem.

It sucks wearing all this rubber, but what else you gonna do, go to the gym ? No disrespect to anyone, but I hate the gym and would rather get my work-out in the water.

I got my 4/3mm O'Neil full suit for only $179 at the local surf shop, not bad at all, and that's O'Neil's bottom line suit, they have other 4/3 suits warmer and even more flexible for more money.....

Happy paddling!

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13 years 11 months ago #2955 by Zack
Replied by Zack on topic Re:Into winter we go...
Those temperatures sound a little brutal to me...Sarasota is on the Gulf Coast about 50 miles South of Tampa...and I was paddling last weekend in 72 degree weather with a 63 degree water temp- usually never gets much colder. I usually paddle with Underarmour Cold Gear under a windbreaker with neoprene booties. If I'm on the Atlantic side in Florida, I'll break out a shorty wetsuit as well.

The biggest challenge last weekend was paddling after having a complete ACL replacement in my knee 21 days ago- got dumped in the surf Sunday and had visions of many $$$ in knee operations being wasted.

Is there anyone over on this coast who paddles a surf ski? I paddle an Epic V10 Sport 3 days a week and will be in some of the competitions in the next few months, but it's really hard to learn from your mistakes when you're self taught...:)

Have a great day!

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