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1 year 11 months ago #39558 by joshua.barton1
Anyone have any experience with Stealth SurfSki? Thinking of getting a second hand one, Mark 7 low volume, just looking for peoples experiences?
Are they stable? For what experience level paddler? Etc

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1 year 11 months ago #39559 by mrcharly
Replied by mrcharly on topic Stealth SurfSki
I urge you try test paddle several boats before buying.

Once you have experience (multiple hours) in different boats, you will be able to judge if you can handle a boat, just by its dimensions). Until then, it is all about feel.

Even boats with the same width can have a radically different feel on the water. What one person likes, another will hate.
Two golden rules when buying a ski or racing kayak:
Test paddle, always.
Buy something you feel stable in. A stable ski is a fast ski. What constitutes 'stable' differs for every person. We can't tell you what you'll be comfortable paddling.

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1 year 11 months ago #39569 by Salty Frog
Replied by Salty Frog on topic Stealth SurfSki
I'm only a beginner to intermediate paddler but I am keen. I bought a really cheap, battered, mistreated Stealth ski, (South African brand) for my son to try & get him into the sport.

I couldn't find any info on a Stealth Mark 7 so I don't even know if it is the same brand.

My experience with that one Stealth ski was that it was very flat bottomed & that you sat up high. It was not something that my son or I could really make friends with. It was just OK if you had nothing else. Plenty of primary stability but secondary felt funny to me.

The suggestion to try out a number of skis is a good one. You might think you'd be happy with one thing until you try something else.

If it is the South African brand, Stealth, I don't think that they make surfskis anymore. They focus on fishing skis. The Aussie ditributor took care of his customers but surfskis are not what they focus on & has been a while since they made them so unless you are happy with it & it is a real bargain, I don't know that it would be what you are after.

Surfski design has come a long way. I started with a cheap 1st generation Epic V10 Sport & now paddle a V9. The V9 is WAY more stable & more fun in waves for a mug punter like myself.

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