Help! Shortening an Epic Wing Paddle

7 years 2 months ago #28772 by Pino
For anyone who could be interested, I needed to shorten my Epic paddle from 210~220 cm to 205~215 cm. After having red carefully all the opinions reported in this blog I've opted for cutting the shaft at the extremities. I've removed the yellow sticker trying not to spoil it too much then I've heated up with two hair driers and the blade's come out without difficulties ( there's a white hot glue). I've cut off 2.5 cm at each extremity and then I've heated up again, using the same glue that was still stuck to the inserting part of the blade, and I've reinserted the blades again. I've reattached the yellow Epic stickers and the paddle looks brand-new. It's not easy to notice that it's been shortened and works perfectly.

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