Lightweight skis

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Methinks that there is way too much importance being placed on ski weight. Budget layups of ocean skis are only about 32 lbs and are very competitive. I've always raced on skis that were over 26 lbs. The superlight carbon sub-20 lb skis are far twitchier and thus, slower for most all paddlers. At steady state speed, there is essentially no difference between the uber-expensive 20 lb ski and the 32 lb budget priced ski. Consider also, that the lightest Fenn Elites weigh in at about 25-26 lbs, and they are raced to wins at lots of events - even at the top level.

I also think it would be a huge mistake to ask for separate classes for spec skis or heavier skis in ocean races. Here in the USA, a similar system was made up to classify flatwater kayaks (USCA) with the idea that more classes equalled "more fairness" in racing. The end result is a system which promotes that 40 lb spec ski class as an end in itself, and a system that places more value on medals than on participation. Our USA racing system a disaster and an impediment to progression of the sport over here.

Get whatever ski you can get. Race/train with it. Eventually you'll come across a better second hand ski or you'll spring for a value priced 32 lb model.

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I would agree, far too much emphasis is put on light weights.

Something like a 12 kg limit means manufacturers have to still use high quality composites and lay the boats up well, but also leaves skis strong enough to tackle what is thrown at them and gives paddlers piece of mind.

Hey Andy, yes, the bro has a ski now in London. If you liked that one, you should check out our new one, really happy with how it has come out and is performing. Hope your paddling is going well, cheers mate. :)

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