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Hi All
I have been looking at the current generation Nelo 520 and 540, both L. I am confused as to the stability of these boats. It has been said that the current gen 520 is more stable due to changes in hull shape. I have heard that the older 520 was not as stable as say V8 and V9P but I guess that might have changed?

Can someone make a comparison of these 2 models in their current generation to a V8 or V8P (or even a V7)?
I want a stable, all-conditions boat and trying to understand whether I can trade off some of the stability of 520 and go with 540 while still being in at a similar level of control in the rough or play it safe and stay with a 520.

I am going to paddle both on the weekend, but I am certainly not going to hit all possible conditions I am targeting.
Thank you.
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6 months 3 weeks ago #39933 by SpaceSputnik
Replied by SpaceSputnik on topic New Nelo 520 and 540
To answer my own question. Paddled both yesterday. Initial impressions that the new 520 as well as 540 are less stable than a V8P. Keep in mind however that I haven't been in a ski for about a year, so my perception may be coloured by being rusty. 520 felt like a surer bet than 540 so I bought it. It's faster than it's looks suggest, has nice glide to it and very nimble. I think the stability on the 2G 520 is more of an intermediate level.

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