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Hay All.
Recently a semi-local listing popped up for a Vajda Raptor thermoformed ski. Kinda piqued my interest as an addition to my sea kayaks.
Very little info online. I am sort of familiar with thermoform construction sea kayaks. They tend to be fairly light and feel more similar to composites than rotomolded boats. This ski is just above 40 lb which seems a reasonably good combo of durability/weight/price.
So, I suppose I am asking for any feedback on those boats. I am 5'6" around 175 lb and about 30 inch inseam. I have owned a V7 so that would be a meaningful comparison point. I found V7 too heavy and super-stable. Felt like I could lose some of the beam and overall heft and still remain comfortable.
The paddling mode I am looking for is a mix of recreation and fitness. Not looking for ether a stability challenge (been there done that) or any racing advantages.

Thanks in advance.

PS The seller is far enough for me to "just stop by", so any info is appreciated.
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